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This is a little bit “way cool” and a little bit of a confession.  I hesitated to write about this because I never ever want to admit to wasting time on anything!  Sometimes though, a girl just has to veg!  So pull up a Diet Coke and put your feet up while I enlighten you and MAYBE I can drag you into my obsession as well.

Here ya go:

I’m sure some of you know what this is.  Especially some of my photographer friends who love to obliterate me and make me feel dumb (like I need any help).  It’s an iPhone app called Words With Friends.   It’s sort of like laid back Scrabble I guess.  The best part about it is you can have multiple games – like 15 or something – going on at the same time.  You can also just play whenever you want!  I haven’t moved in about 3 days with some of my games… mainly because I’m losing but that’s a whole other personal issue.

By the way, notice I’m beating my husband in this game.  Just saying.

While I’m waiting for an oil change, at the orthodontist, sitting in the carpool lane at school, etc. I have a nifty little game to pass the time.  Yep – that’s the only time I play!  I am not wasting any time!!!!  :D  Oh there is a chat feature as well so you can say, “Ooo nice one.” Or, “Dang! Ouch!”  “No way!!  Quey is not a word!”  Really fun!  Incidentally, “quey” IS a word, my friends.  Oh yes indeedy.

SO indulge me and add the app (it’s FREE) and add me!  I’m eptexy on there.  That’s E for Erin, P for Potter and T for Tex… ok not so sophisticated.  DO EET!

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  • TeresaApril 5, 2010 - 8:38 pm

    woohoo! a new words with friends partner…. I’m sending you a game right now!

  • Boston Newborn PhotographerApril 6, 2010 - 3:38 pm

    I hear about this game all the time, wish I had an iphone!