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February has been extremely busy for me and it’s looking like things will be even busier in March and April. I love being self-employed and I love being a photographer but truthfully, it’s not always glamorous. Sometimes business owners need to take a step back and regroup. Even for just a day. Put down the cell phone, step away from the computer, play a board game with our kids, throw a tennis ball with the pups, enjoy a glass of wine with our husbands. It’s hard finding that balance sometimes.

In the car on the way to east Texas, I caught my youngest & oldest having a bit of bonding time.  Of course, Aidan didn’t realize he was actually touching his brother.  He would kill me if he saw this! :)

dallas location photography

Location Photography

Isn’t the sky cool?  Hipstamatic on the iPhone is so awesome!

Fort Worth Location Photography

Fort Worth Location Photography

I’ve really been into quotes lately.  My Facebook friends probably get sick of them!  This is in my dad’s house and it spoke to me.   I waste too much time with regrets and what ifs and if onlies.  Probably a mother’s worst quality is worrying about what has already happened!  As a friend of mine says, “get out of your own way and focus!”  Amen!

DFW Creative Photography

Creative Quotes

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