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While I don’t specialize in macro photography, it truly is something I consider WAY cool.  The curves and textures of different objects go completely unnoticed until you’re able to get up close.  The most boring subject can turn into something abstract and beautiful!

Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

I’ve had my 100 mm macro lens for about 2 years now and I admittedly don’t get it out as often as I should.  It also makes a great portrait lens too though so I really have no excuse.  I’m trying harder.  Ideally you should have fancy light setups, tripods, backgrounds, etc.  but for these I just used the window in my studio.  Sure there is vignetting and shadowing but I don’t really mind.

My husband used to bring me flowers quite a bit until I told him I was too practical for that.  Now he brings me camera equipment. lol  Every once in awhile, I will get a wild hair and pick up a beautiful bouquet at Costco though.  Then I’ll call him and thank him for the gorgeous flowers he bought me. lol

Shooting for myself is something I’m making time for lately.  Even if it’s not specifically macro – just doing something beyond the norm.  Getting out of my usual surroundings.  Even if it’s just once a month, I highly recommend it.

You can find more macro inspiration here:

Macro on Flickr

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