So… What Should We Wear??

This by far is our #1 question – normally asked in a panic!  Don’t worry.  We can guide you through all of that in your Design Consultation prior to your portrait session.   It depends widely on your style, the location, your home decor, and  where your portraits will be displayed.

For all types of sessions, it’s best to adhere to just a few general rules:

  • avoid cartoon character t-shirts
  • avoid shirts with sayings or bold logos
  • avoid white shoes
  • avoid running shoe type sneakers
  • avoid chipped nail polish
  • avoid baggy clothing
  • avoid dark spray tanning
  • keep makeup simple
  • keep jewelry simple


Our studio is supplied with many dresses and options to wear in the studio.  If you plan to bring supplemental outfits or opt for an outdoor sesison, please choose fitted clothing to showcase your belly.  Simple and solid colors are best.  Bring a variety of pieces to mix and match at your session.  Suggestions may include:

  • tank tops
  •  low waisted yoga pants
  • pretty lingerie
  • lacy bras
  • boy shorts
  • tube tops
  • non maternity jeans
  • maxi dresses

Wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with.   Some of the most stunning maternity images are done using scarves or wraps which we can provide.


When coordinating clothing for your family session, it is best to avoid trying to match .  Coordinating clothing and colors are much more pleasing.  Choose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit.  A handy trick  for those who are hesitant to break away from the monochrome look is to choose one patterned item (for example a print dress for your daughter) and then select the rest of the family’s clothing from colors within that pattern.  If you are still in doubt, feel free to email pictures to for help.

High School Seniors and Teens

Young adults have their own style and personality to express!  Leave the cookie-cutter poses and looks behind and let’s create images that allow your true you to shine!

For inspiration:  check out magazines, store mannequins, visit online shops, fashion blogs, or local boutiques for ideas.  Before you go shopping, look through your closet. Ask yourself:

  • Does it look good?
  • Does it fit me right?
  • Does it flatter my body?
  • Is it a great color for me?

Once you have your basic pieces together, start adding in additional items and accessories for variety.  Layering clothing and accessories is a fun way to add dimension and texture to the feel of your portraits.

For Girls:  Bring belts, necklaces, earrings, scarves, cute jackets/sweaters, and adorable hats! For shoes, consider trendy boots, high heels, cute flats, sandals.

For boys: keep sneakers simple like Converse or Vans, or plain leather shoes or boots.  No white shoes!

Additional guidelines for seniors and teens:

  • avoid plaids or shirts with large patterns
  • avoid large logos
  • avoid overly large or overly tight clothing
  • avoid sleeveless dresses or shirts
  • avoid new hair cuts or color
  • avoid dark spray tans
  • avoid chipped nail polish
  • keep makeup simple and fresh