Great Danes = Great Big Hearts!

Having had several Great Danes as part of our family and recently, an Irish Wolfhound, I have always said, the bigger the dog the bigger the heart!  Now I know that is not entirely fair (especially to my Lhasa Apso) but in general, I have always been a sucker for the laid back sensitive nature of Great Danes.  For about 8 years now, Great Dane Rescue of North Texas has been a part of my family’s personal life and for the past 2 years, they have been a part of Captures by Erin as well.

When these big love bugs come into the studio for their portraits, it is almost 99% certain they are nervous!  Allowing them to wander around off leash helps them to adapt quickly.  I always make sure there is at least 10 minutes prior to the session that they can check everything out and realize all is well.  The best thing about big dogs is they are very food motivated – making my job easy!  Sometimes, however, it’s a challenge to get a rescue dog without basic training to sit on command.  When all else fails… we put them on the couch where they are most content.

Great Dane photography on couch.Funny Great Dane portrait in tutu.Great Dane portrait.


Funny Great Dane on couch.

For more information on Great Danes and how to adopt, visit Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.



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