Who We Are

Erin Potter

Photographer, Head Creative, Owner 

Erin began her photography journey as a young child.  As a third generation portrait photographer, it was second nature to her.  Erin attended Texas Tech where her focus was social welfare.  Once her children were school age,  she was able to fulfill her dream by combining her love of people and her passion for photography into what is now Captures by Erin.

Erin is a volunteer for Flashes of Hope,  a nonprofit organization that changes the way children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses see themselves through the gift of photography and raises money for pediatric cancer research.  Erin is also a volunteer photographer for Trinity Habitat for Humanity offering a family portrait to all home recipients in the program.  Keep up with us on Twitter:  @erin_potter  and Google




Ashley Rihel

Professional Hair and Makeup

Certified make up artist and licensed hair stylist Ashley Rihel is available to our clients in the studio for portrait-ready airbrush makeup application and hair styling for a flawless finish! Trained by experts from RUSK, TIGI, Smashbox, Prescriptives, studio Gear, Georgio Armani, Laura Mercier and Korean Zander.  She is well experienced in everything portrait related from weddings to commercial films, short fims, and has an IMDb credit for 2012 film documentary “Ann Richards, Texas” and “House of Fear” starring Kevin Sorbo.  Ashley has been a part of our team since January 2012 and she continues to amaze and inspire us with her work!







Melissa Kopsa

Studio Manager

Melissa is the friendly voice you hear when you call the studio and is responsible for a large portion of the client service and experience that we are known for!   Melissa also brings her photography, design, and retail experience to help our clients create gorgeous portrait displays in their homes.  Melissa is brand new to our team and we are so excited to have her!







Angela Bonillaftworth-studio-photography

Retouch Artist

Angela is a Texas transplant living and working in Madrid, Spain. She first picked up her mouse for Erin in the Spring of 2016 and has been providing finishing and retouching ever since. She loves the artistic and technical challenges that retouching brings, and to be able to look at all those pretty babies almost every day is an added bonus.