Newborn Sessions

Newborn Session Tips

Newborn portraits are our specialty!  In general, all you only need to bring to your photography session is Baby and a little patience.  Newborn sessions tend to be at least 2 hours long and the studio will be very warm. Depending on your baby’s temperament sometimes with there may be more feeding and rocking than photography!  However, there are just a few helpful suggestions that will make our time together run a bit smoother.

Things to bring/consider:

* flexibility.  feeding on demand is essential during this time
* pacifier
* keep a somewhat loose diaper to avoid red marks
* lots of wipes/cloth diapers/change of clothes for mom and dad, etc. for accidents (naked babies are messy babies)
* any sentimental or personal items to be photographed.  Please keep this within reason and remember that less is more!
* supplemental bottles are helpful but not required for nursing babies.
* expect to be at the studio approximately 2-3 hours

For the most part, do not worry about clothing for your baby as it tends to swallow them at this young age.  We have plenty of wraps, blankets, baskets, hats, and bows that photograph well.

Family Portraits:

This is a wonderful opportunity for your first family portrait.  Please bring something simple and solid in color to wear.  All black or all white/cream are good options.  Neat, unpolished (or neutral shade) fingernails are important for both mom and dad.   Be sure to wear any wedding rings!

Your baby’s first portraits at our studio is designed to be a comfortable and stress free experience for new parents.  Sit back and relax, take your shoes off, and enjoy.  Be prepared for a 2-3 hour session in a warm environment.


by – Erin Potter